NSF GRIP NOAA Opportunity Position
Project title: Applied Conservation Science on Coastal and Ocean Pollution
Hypothesis or objectives: The Ecotoxicology Program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center ( designs and implements pollution research to guide NOAA’s mission to conserve and manage trust species, habitats, and ecosystems. The Program focuses on a wide diversity of toxic threats to coastal watersheds, estuaries, embayments, and nearshore marine environments. Ecotox research serves many purposes. For example, these include characterizing risks to endangered species, evaluating the effectiveness of pollution control strategies, monitoring the success of habitat restoration projects, and identifying contaminants of emerging concern. Research is conducted across biological scales, from molecular biology to community ecology. Program investigators are typically highly collaborative, both within the Center and also with external partners such as academic laboratories and other agencies. Lastly, research projects are developed to meet critical information gaps at the interface between science and environmental policy.
Duration: 3 - 12 months
Area(s) of discipline: Biology, Communication, Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Health, Environmental Science Studies, Environmental Water Quality, Fisheries Science, Living Marine Resources, Marine And Aquatic Sciences, Natural Resource Management, Science Policy/Science And Society, Toxicology, Zoology
Internship location: Seattle, WA
Duties and responsibilities: Conduct collaborative research with Ecotoxicology Program scientists.
Special skills/training required: The Ecotoxicology Program can provide most of the necessary training. Key skill requirements are the ability to work with independent initiative, as part of a larger team.
Expected outcomes: Hands-on experience in applied environmental health science; development of communication skills (e.g., scientific presentations, scientific writing); coauthorship on one or more peer-reviewed scientific publications.
Point of contact (Mentor): Nathaniel
Organization: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
Program office: Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Mailing address: 2725 Montlake Blvd. E.
Seattle, WA 98112
Phone number: 206-860-3454
Fax number: 206-860-3335
Co-Mentor name: ---
Co-Mentor email: ---
Co-Mentor gency or organization: ---
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